Monday, August 09, 2010

Rock The Catwalk wants to help you spot fake MAC cosmetics! Part I of II

If you see the below MAC Pro Pan colors with the following batch numbers, PLEASE BE CAREFUL. Note that MAC have made these colors and batch code combinations, so if you've purchased them from a reliable source, such as MAC or Rock The Catwalk, then you're safe. If not, please inspect them thoroughly and compare them to an actual MAC Pro Pan if available.

MAC Black Tied B19
MAC Carbon A59
MAC Charcoal Brown B89
MAC Forgery B29
MAC Goldenrod AC7
MAC Hepcat A69
MAC Humid A98
MAC Idil Eyes A78 (the label actual misspells "Idol Eyes", heh)
MAC Juxt A88
MAC Nehru A18
MAC Passionate A68
MAC Purple Haze A39
MAC Quarry A39
MAC Saddle B18
MAC Sunny Spot A88
MAC Swish AC8
MAC Tilt A19
MAC Vanilla A28
MAC Vibrant Grape A58

How can I tell these are fake? The outer packaging feels different than the authentic packaging. The thickness is slightly off and the material feels smoother than it should. As far as the eyeshadow colors go, some are close, and I mean REALLY REALLY close. For instance, the counterfeit Black Tied almost looks identical to the authentic in certain lighting but authentic Black Tied has more specks of shimmer in it. Counterfeit Nehru is completely off and looks like Carbon should but authentic Nehru is more of a blue black. Counterfeit Vanilla looks more pinkish beige while the authentic is a pale ivory with a very slight hint of peach.

I will try to post pictures by this weekend to compare authentic vs. counterfeit MAC Pro Pans.


  1. Luckily I dont have any of these shades, but that's still scary :( can't wait to see photo comparisons!

  2. Omg this is very helpful! I don't buy cosmetics from ebay for this reason. Thanks for this!